The best casinos in Ireland

Finding the best casinos in Ireland - a comprehensive guide

Ireland is not a Macau or Vegas when it comes to gambling, and how can it be? When the Gambling Control bill has shackled the development of land-based casinos in both scale and scope. In fact, the casinos are bound by law to have less than 25 slot machines and game scope of 15 table games at most.

These small pub-like casinos are controlled environments, perfect if you want to enjoy a quiet game of roulette, but without all the noise you’ll see in most of the casinos in Monaco. It is also worthy of note, that Irish casinos avail their services only to registered members, so be prepared to hold your ID every time you want to let loose with your luck.

At least they exist, in fact, there are some very good ones that will give you a literal run for your money. Here are few land based casinos in Ireland you might want to check out.

Fitzpatrick’s Casino

Most of the best casinos in Ireland are unsurprisingly located at the capital, Dublin. One of the household names when it comes to gambling and casinos is Fitzpatrick Casino, which was known previously as Club 78.

Standing out in an otherwise dull and grey Augnier street, the famous casino glitters red to cast a spell of lure on passing players. Also, the casino hosts some popular tournaments regularly.

Fitzpatrick Casino avails itself to casino players throughout the day, and with its large number of slot machines and roulette deck, it can serve a relatively large number, for casinos in Ireland, of people at once. There are many games available, from punto banco to the popular blackjack.

Macau Sporting Club

Located close to the riverbank in Cork, the Macau Sporting Club has an ancient feel to it, with pieces of antiquated furniture lining up the décor. The casino is ready to host your gaming pleasure from the afternoon (around 2:00pm) till morning.

The casino has a good number of slot machines and a wide variety of games you can pursue excitement playing. Also, there’s a pool table available for use, as well as a good kitchen that cooks tasty food, for your dining pleasure.

The Sporting Emporium

If you want to enjoy your games in the peace and quiet, seek out the Sporting Emporium in Anne’s lane. For those who would like a little alcohol and socializing, this is even a better place. Unfortunately, this is offset a little by the fact that there is just one blackjack table in the entire casino.

Apart from the few punters it has, it’s a fun and safe place to be and that is why it is popular. After all, how many casinos in Ireland require a biometric scan before entry.

The Penthouse Casino and Card Club

You can find this casino in the Airside Retail Park, a huge complex less than 16 kilometers away from Dublin, in a structure that is not a penthouse. However, it’s giant sign is enough clue for you to figure out and the glass panels are somewhat unique.

The Casino has 13 table for casino gaming, which is lot for an Irish casino. The Casino is only open after 6:00pm, so staying there all night or booking a room over at Swords should be your plans for the night’s rest.

All in all, Dublin has the largest number of the best casinos in Ireland, about 10 of them, being the Capital. While this might not take Ireland up the list of Gambling destinations, the plus side is significant, as the regulated gambling establishments ensure the safety of the casino gambling enthusiasts, which cannot be assured by other bigger establishments in he world.

Source: CasinoMaster Ireland

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The best casinos in Ireland

Here are few land based casinos in Ireland you might want to check out. When the Gambling Control bill has shackled the development of land-based casinos in both scale and scope.